Silhouette-2022 : Nodes : Source Nodes
Source Nodes
When media is imported into Silhouette, it becomes a Source node and is displayed in the Source window. Once a Source node is placed in the Trees window, the following parameters become available.
Silhouette is a straight, unmatted compositor and its composite nodes expect unpremultiplied images. In addition, it is best practice to unpremultiply before color correcting premultiplied images so as to avoid unexpected results.
Straight - Unmatted
Select this option if your source is Straight-Unmatted.
Select this option if your source is Premultiplied. This will unpremultiply it.
No fill operation is performed.
Makes the alpha channel opaque.
Makes the alpha channel transparent.
The Stream parameters are where you identify which clips are used for the Left and Right Views when working with stereo images. The stereo tools in Silhouette only show up in the user interface when using a stereo EXR file, when left and right clips have been assigned in the Stream > Left and Right parameters, or when left and right clips are connected to the Merge Views node.
Note: Non-stereo sources only use the Left view.
Sets which clip is used for the Left View.
Sets which clip is used for the Right View.
Note: Stereo EXR files which contain both the Left and Right Views within one file are automatically connected to the Left and Right views.
Sets which clip is used for the Depth map.
Time Shift
Shifts the source node in time.
Extend Duration
When enabled, the last frame of the clip will repeat if the session duration is longer.
Centers the image when using a session that is smaller or larger than the source.
When the file’s Display Window is the same as the DOD, Center is enabled by default.
When a file has overscan built in, Center is off by default.