Generates prismatic color aberrations.
Node Group
Special Effects.
To select a preset, choose one from the Presets tab.
Smooth Mode
Select the smoothing method used.
Automatically sets the smoothness.
Manually smooth using the Smoothness control.
Sets the level of smoothness when Smooth Mode is set to Manual.
Prism Weight
Sets the smoothness of the prism. Lower values generate a more visible stepped offset while higher values produce a smooth continuous prism.
Prism Colors
Short Color
The first color in the prism.
Mid Color
The second color in the prism.
Long Color
The third color in the prism.
Global Transform
Globally transforms the prism effect.
Lock Center Start/End
When checked, the center start/end parameters are locked together.
Center Start
Sets the center point start of the blur.
Center End
Sets the center point end of the blur.
Scale Start
Sets the blur start point along the z axis.
Scale End
Sets the blur end point along the z axis.
Angle Start
Sets the blur start angle.
Angle End
Sets the blur end angle.
Offset Start
Offsets the start along the z axis.
Offset End
Offsets the end along the z axis.
Controls the bias of the blur falloff between the start and end for both position and angle.
Apply Mode
Controls how the ļ¬ltered image is composited with the source image.
Apply Mix
Controls the mix of the selected Apply Mode. If the Apply Mode is Normal, Apply Mix has no effect.
Edge Mode
Determines how the edges of the frame are handled.
Allows the edge of the result to become transparent.
Repeats edge pixels to generate opaque pixels along the edge of the result.
Reflects pixels along the edge of the result.