Silhouette-2022 : Nodes : Pin Warp
Pin Warp
Pin Warp allows you to warp specific image areas using pins, while leaving other areas untouched. Adjustments can range from subtle nip and tucks to something more obvious like repositioning an arm or leg.
Go to the Pin Based Warping tutorial to see how it works.
Node Group
Selects point trackers and tracked layers from the input Tracker node and match moves the pins based on the input tracker data.
Pin 1 - 20
A total of 20 pins can be added to an image. To create a pin, click-drag on the image. Pins have a source (green circle) and target (red circle). The farther the target is dragged from the source, the more the image warps. Click-releasing on the image sets a tack which constrains the warp.
Pin and Tack Radius
Each pin and tack has a radius which determines its strength. Hover over a pin to display the radius. Shift-drag the radius to adjust it.
Pin Warp Keyboard Shortcuts
Click-drag on image
Creates a pin
Click-release on image
Creates a tack
Click-drag pin source or target
Moves the pin source or target
Shift-drag pin source or target
Moves both the pin source and target
Ctrl/Cmd-drag pin radius
Adjusts pin radius with all radii displayed
Hover over pin, Shift-drag pin radius
Adjusts pin radius with only selected pin radius displayed
Alt-drag on a tack
Converts a tack to a pin
Right-click > Remove Pin
Deletes the pin
Right-click > Make Tack
Converts a pin to a tack