Silhouette-2022 : Nodes : Photographic
The most complete line of Kodak® filters for photographic uses is available in the form of gelatin films and are known as Wratten® Gelatin filters. Our Photographic filter is a digital equivalent of the Wratten set and were created using the spectral transmission curves for each optical filter. The Color Conversion, Light Balancing and Color Compensating preset groups are subsets of the Photographic filters.
Digital versions of the complete line of Kodak® Wratten® Gelatin filters.
Color Conversion
Color Conversion filters correct for significant differences in color temperature between your light source and recording media.
Light Balancing
Light Balancing filters correct for minor differences in color temperature between your light source and recording media.
Color Compensating
Color Compensating filters control color by attenuating specific parts of the spectrum. They can be used to make changes in color balance or compensate for deficiencies in the image’s spectral quality.
Node Group
To select a preset, choose one from the Presets tab. If you would like to view presets from a different category, use the pop-up menu at the top left of the Presets tab.
The Color parameter sets the color of the filter through the use of a standard color picker.
Sets the opacity of the color filter.
Preserve Highlights
Preserves the white areas of the image.
Exposure Compensation
Exposure Compensation adds back the brightness loss as a result of the filter application.
These filters can optionally use a gradient that limits where the node is applied. Grad is the transition area between the colored portion and the original image. Its direction, corners and size can be adjusted. Go to the Grad section of Common Node Controls to see how the Grad controls work.