Silhouette-2022 : Nodes : Particle Illusion
Particle Illusion
Particle Illusion is an easy-to-use, powerful, particle generator that creates photorealistic particle effects such as fire, fireworks, explosions, sparks, smoke, fog, dust, water, clouds, rain, snow, trails, sci-fi elements and heads up displays.
Special Effects
To select a preset, pick one from the Presets window.
Launch Particle Illusion
Selecting presets and comprehensive editing of particles takes place in the Particle Illusion user interface.
For more information on Particle Illusion, see the Particle Illusion User Guide
Note: There are only three libraries installed in the Particle Illusion interface by default: the Sampler library, the Emitters_202X library of new emitters for this release and an editable Custom library. To get the full set of additional emitter libraries, select Download Emitters from the Help menu.
Composite Style
Particle Illusion can be applied using a variety of Blend modes.
Direct (Classic)
Composites the particles directly over the source image.
Alpha + Apply Mode
Provides a wide variety of Blend modes to add particles to the source image.
The opacity of the particles.
Apply Mode
Selects the Blend modes used to add particles to the source image.
Apply Mix
The opacity of the Blend mode.
Sets the brightness.
Sets the contrast.
Sets the gamma.
Tint Color
Sets the tint color.
Tint Strength
Sets the tint strength.
Apply Grade
Applies the brightness, contrast and gamma adjustments to the entire composition.
Particles Only
Applies the brightness, contrast and gamma adjustments to just the particles.
Determines how transforms are applied.
No transforms are applied.
Transforms the camera position.
Transforms the emitter position.
World + Emitter
Transforms both camera and emitter positions simultaneously.
World Transform
World Center
The horizontal and vertical position of the particles when Transform is set to World or World + Emitter.
Master Scale
Scales the particles.
Scale X
The horizontal scale amount.
Scale Y
The vertical scale amount.
Rotates the particles.
Emitter Offset
The horizontal and vertical position of the particles when Transform is set to Emitter or World + Emitter.
Particle Properties
Edit select native Particle Illusion parameters without having to open the PI interface.
Frames to Preload
Sets the number of frames that the emitter will run before the first frame in the particle sequence, allowing it to have many particles visible at the start instead of starting from zero particles.
The particle lifetime.
The number of particles.
The size of the particles.
The speed of the particles.
The weight of particles.
The rotation of the particles.
Motion Randomness
The randomness of the particle motion.
Zooms the particles in or out.
Random Seed
Randomizes the particles. Changing this value by any amount will result in a different pattern of particles and is the easiest way to get a new version of the effect.
Motion Blur
When enabled, particles are drawn with motion blur. This enhances realism, especially for fast-moving particles.
PI Settings
The Motion blur settings form the Particle Illusion interface are used.
Force On
Forces motion blur on.
Force Off
Forces motion blur off.
Glow On
Enables the glow.
Glow Intensity
Sets the brightness of the glow.
Glow Color
Sets the color of the glow.
Glow Radius
Sets the size of the glow.
Glow Threshold
Determines the image values affected by the glow.
Apply Glow
Applies the glow to the image and the particles.
Particles Only
Applies the glow to just the particles.