Silhouette-2022 : Nodes : Non-Additive Mix
Non-Additive Mix
Known as a NAM, the non-additive mix combines two pictures by controlling their luminance level relative to each other as well as a set mix percentage. This popular video switcher effect has been included to satisfy those die-hard online video editors.
Note: You can change Non-Additive Mix’s input order with the User Interface > Trees > Input Order preference. By default, FG, BG is selected, but you can change it to BG, FG if you’d like.
Node Group
Sets the mix level of the foreground element.
Black Clip
Blacks are made blacker by increasing this value. As the value increases, more values are clipped to black.
Note: Often times the black portion of an image is not entirely black. This becomes an issue if something like fire is shot against a black background. If the black is not entirely black, then these impure black areas will be added to the background image as part of the Non-Additive Mix causing the final result to have “milky” blacks. The Black Clip parameter has been added to easily adjust the foreground image’s black level.