Silhouette-2022 : Nodes : Day for Night
Day for Night
Day for Night simulates a technique used for shooting exteriors in daylight made to look like they were photographed at night. Typically, it involves underexposing by two to two-and-a-half stops and using a filter to provide a tint, that is often a lavender-blue, as it mimics twilight and appears to emulate the mood of moonlight.
Node Group
Special Effects.
To select a preset, choose one from the Presets tab.
Sets how much the image is diffused.
Sets the amount of diffusion mixed into the original image. The higher the setting, the more the image is blurred.
The Color parameter sets the color of the moonlight through the use of a standard color picker. The default color is blue.
Sets the opacity of the moonlight color.
Preserve Highlights
Preserves the white areas of the image.
Exposure Compensation
Exposure Compensation adds back the brightness loss as a result of the color application.
Color Correct
Go to the Color Correct node to see how the Color Correct controls work.