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Bleach Bypass
Bleach Bypass is a film laboratory technique where, by skipping the bleach stage in the color processing sequence, silver is retained in the image along with the color dyes. The result is effectively a black and white image superimposed on a color image. Bleach Bypass images have increased contrast, reduced saturation, often giving a pastel effect.
Node Group
Film Lab.
To select a preset, choose one from the Presets tab.
Sets the intensity of the bleach effect.
Adjusts the saturation of the image. Positive values saturate, negative values desaturate.
Adjusts the contrast of the image. Positive values increase contrast, negative values decrease contrast.
Sets the color temperature of the image. Dragging the numeric field to the right makes the image cooler (bluer) and dragging the numeric field to the left makes the image warmer (redder).