Scroll wheel
Zooms the Timeline in and out
Shift-Middle-mouse drag
Zooms the Timeline in and out
Space Bar-move mouse
Pans the Timeline
Middle-mouse drag
Pans the Timeline
Single-click keyframe
Selects one keyframe
Ctrl/Cmd-click keyframe
Toggle the keyframe selection
Shift-click keyframes
Selects a range of keyframes
Inserts a keyframe
Right-click keyframe
Opens Timeline pop-up menu
Click-drag keyframe
Moves the keyframe
Ctrl/Cmd-drag the ends of work range bar
Changes the start and end of the work range
Ctrl/Cmd-drag the work range bar
Slides the work range forward and back
Click top left corner of the Timeline
Centers the timeline on the current frame
Curve Editor
Alt-click on curve
Inserts a point on the curve
Click-drag curve point
Moves the curve point
+ or =
Zooms the Curve Editor in
Zooms the Curve Editor out
Space Bar-move mouse
Pans the Curve Editor
Hover cursor over curve
Displays the current curve value
Right-click curve point
Opens Curve pop-up menu