Warps and Morphs
Silhouette includes a fully-featured shape based image warping and morphing system as well as a pin warper which provide the highest level of control and quality available. Image warping and morphing can take place on stills as well as moving images. Warping can be used to enhance or exaggerate facial features, adjust sizing of image elements, create talking animals or any other type of image deformation. Morphing has been traditionally used to transform one object or person into another and more recently to seamlessly transform a live action element into a CG (computer generated) object and vice versa.
Pin Warp
Pin Warp Features
Distort specific image areas using pins
Protect image areas using tacks
Track pins and tacks
Morph Features
Distort and morph
Shape based morphing
Transformations on a layer by layer basis
Depth and folding control
Integrated motion tracking
Interactive preview
PowerMesh Warp
PowerMesh enables a powerful sub-planar tracking process that tracks warped surfaces and organic objects. Mesh tracking takes place in Mocha Pro and when connected to the PowerMesh Warp > Data input in Silhouette, images are either warped or unwarped based on the generated mesh.
PowerMesh Warp Features
Create PowerMesh driven inserts
Reverse Warp/Stabilized view for advanced VFX tasks