Trees and Nodes
The power of Silhouette lies in the Trees window where your effects are built. A tree is a series of clips and nodes, such as color correction, image processing and composite nodes, plugged together to create the desired effect. The tree is grown by adding clips and nodes in any order. The ability to view any node while editing another allows for very complex composites that can be set up and rendered in one pass.
Silhouette is a node based system and different nodes are used for various functions. Located in the Nodes tab at the bottom of the screen, nodes are grouped into various categories.
Trees and Nodes Features
154 different nodes organized into Color, Composite, Diffusion, Filter, Film Lab, Image, Key, Light, Silhouette, Special Effects, Time, Tints, Transform, Utility, Warp and OFX groups
Horizontal and vertical node layouts
Gestural node workflow
Visual presets for most nodes
Node grouping, coloring and re-routing
OFX third party plug-in compatible with Boris FX Sapphire, Neat Video and RE:Vision Effects products