Tracking is a technique that involves analyzing the motion of an image over time. In Silhouette, images can be tracked using an automatic image tracking system called Planar Tracking or Point Tracking which utilizes either one, two or four track points. Silhouette includes two Planar Trackers: Silhouette’s Planar Tracker and the Mocha Planar Tracker.
Planar Tracking
Silhouette’s Planar Tracker tracks several points (corners, edges and ridges) on the image while automatically handling partial occlusions of the tracked object, producing excellent results even with textureless objects.
Mocha planar tracker technology provides 2D transformation data by tracking planes rather than points.
Point Tracker
The Point Tracker uses individual trackers which are placed on distinguishable image features.
Tracker Features
Planar Tracking using either Silhouette’s Planar Tracker or the Mocha Planar Tracker
Planar Trackers provide automatic, markerless motion analysis and tracking
Planar Tracker tracks corners, edges or ridges
Track multiple planes simultaneously
Unlimited Point Trackers for manual precision
Match Moving or stabilization
Pre-processing filters for problematic shots include: Blur, Sharpen, Contrast, Gamma, De-Noise and Remove Flicker will increase tracker accuracy for problematic images
Post-processing of point tracking data to include: Average, Smooth and Merge
Tracker export to popular formats