Node Groups
Silhouette is made up of a variety of image processing nodes. These nodes can be connected together within the Trees window to accomplish the desired effect. The nodes are organized into various groups according to their function.
Black and White, Chromatic Aberration, Clamp, Color Correct, Defringe, Develop, High Contrast, Invert, Kelvin, Low Contrast, Match, OCIOColorspace, OCIO Display, OCIO LUT, Polarizer, Printer Points, Selective Color Correct, Shadows/Highlights, Telecine, Tone Adjust, Vignette.
Alpha to Color, Alpha Composite, Color Paste, Color to Alpha, Composite, Copy, Drop Shadow, Edge Composite, Fade Color, Grain Composite, Holdout Composite, Light Wrap, Math Composite, Mix, Non-Additive Mix, Optical Dissolve, Premultiply, Slap Comp, Swap Channels, Switch Matte, Unpremultiply.
Beauty Studio, Center Spot, Depth of Field, Diffusion, Double Fog, Fog, Frost, Mist, Net, Rack Focus, Silk, Split Field.
Blur, Bump Shade, Channel Blur, Channel Blur YUV, Deartifact, Deband, Deblock, Deflicker, Defog, Degrain, Despeckle, Detail, Directional Blur, Displace, Edge Detect, Extract Detail, Grain, Magic Sharp, Mosaic, Radial Blur, Scatter, Scratch, Sharpen, Smear Blur.
Film Lab
Bleach Bypass, Cross Processing, Film Stocks, Grunge, Overexpose, Three Strip, Two Strip.
Checkerboard, Color, Color Bars, Depth, Fractal Noise, Grid, Inpaint, Linear Gradient, Merge Views, Output, Output Multi-Part, Paint, Radial Gradient, Roto, Roto Blend, Split Views.
Alpha Threshold, Color Suppress, Difference Matte, Matte Repair, Power Matte, Screen Smoother, zMatte.
Film Glow, Glow, Glow Darks, Glow Edges, Lens Flare, Light Leaks, Rays, Reflector, Relight, Star, Streaks.
Depth, Morph, Output, Output Multi-Part, Paint, Power Matte, Warp, Roto, Roto Blend, zMatte.
Special Effects
Cartoon, Color Infrared, Color Shadow, Day for Night, Harris Shutter, Infrared, Looks, Night Vision, Particle Illusion, Pastel, Pencil, Prism, Texture, Video Glitch, X-Ray.
Hold, Retime, Reverse, Time Blur.
Color Gradient, Color Spot, Colorize Channel, Colorize Gradient, Dual Gradient, ND Gradient, Photographic, Radial Tint, Split Tone, Sunset, Tint.
Camera Shake, Crop, DOD, Flip, Flop, Keystone, Resize, Tracker, Transform.
Dot, Note, Null.
Bump Distort, Lens Correction, Lens Distortion, Morph, Pin Warp, PowerMesh Warp, Turb Distort.
The Sapphire tab appears if the OFX version of Sapphire is installed.
Third party OFX nodes.