Optics-2022 : Installation : Photo Plug-ins
Photo Plug-ins
1 Download Optics at www.borisfx.com/
2 Double-click on the file that was downloaded and run through the installation process.
3 Start your program and load or select an image.
4 Apply a Optics filter:
Photoshop/Elements: In the Filter menu, select Optics 2022 from the Boris FX group.
Lightroom: In the Photo menu, select Edit In and then choose Edit in Boris FX Optics 2022.
The Optics user interface opens.
Adding Optics to Lightroom as an External Editor
If Lightroom is found during the installation of Optics, Optics will automatically be added as an external editor. If for some reason Optics does not show up as an external editor, you can manually add Optics as an external editor by following the steps below.
1 Open the Preferences in Lightroom.
2 Click the External Editing tab.
3 In the Additional External Editor section, select TIFF for File Format, sRGB for Color Space, 8 or 16 bits/component for Bit Depth, set the desired Resolution, and choose None for Compression.
Note: Optics is only compatible with TIFF files (8 or 16-bit, with no compression).
4 Click on Choose to select an application. Navigate to the location of Optics.
On Windows, the default installation location for Optics will be: C:\Program Files\BorisFX\Optics 2022
On Macintosh, the default installation location for Optics will be: /Macintosh HD/Applications/BorisFX/Optics 2022
5 Select the Optics file and click Choose.
6 Under the Preset drop-down menu, select Save Current Settings as New Preset… and name the preset Boris FX Optics 2022.
Optics can now be easily accessed under the Photo menu as a preset external editor.