Optics-2022 : Filters : S_WarpFishEye
Expands the center of the image as if viewed through a fish eye lens.
The S_WarpFishEye filter comes from the Emmy award winning Boris FX Sapphire filter set.
To select a preset, pick one from the Presets window.
The amplitude of the fish eye warping. Set this to a negative value with a large Z Dist for some wacky bug eye distortions.
The center of the fish-eye warping function.
Z Dist
Scales the distance of the image. Values greater than 1 move it farther away and make it smaller. Values less than 1 move the image closer and enlarge it. Zooming in slightly can sometimes be used to hide edge artifacts.
Rotates the result about the center location by this many counterclockwise degrees.
Shift Orig X & Y
Translates the source image before the fish eye warping is applied.
Wrap X & Y
Determines the method for accessing outside the borders of the image.
Renders black beyond the borders.
Repeats a copy of the image.
Repeats a mirrored copy. Edges are often less visible with this method.
If enabled, the image is adaptively filtered when it is resampled. This gives a better quality result when parts of the image are warped smaller.
Crop Input
These 4 parameters, Crop Top, Crop Bottom, Crop Left, and Crop Right, allow selecting a rectangular subsection of the image to be processed. If the Wrap parameters are set to No, the exposed borders will be transparent. If the Wrap is Tile or Reflect, the image is wrapped on the new cropped borders to fill the frame. This can make it easier to avoid artifacts due to distorting an image with bad edges.
Show Center
Enables/disables the on-screen control for adjusting the Center parameter.