Optics-2022 : Filters : S_VintageColor2Strip
Simulates the old color 2-strip film process from the 1920s. The scene is exposed twice through red and green filters onto alternating frames of a monochrome film strip. Then, the red print is dyed with a red dye and the green print is dyed cyan. Those two strips are cemented together back to back to form the final print. The result contains mostly red and green colors with some synthetic blue from the blue components of the dyes. This effect simulates the two filter colors and the two dye colors as well as adding grain and color correction.
The S_VintageColor2Strip filter comes from the Emmy award winning Boris FX Sapphire filter set.
Film Lab.
To select a preset, pick one from the Presets window.
Amount of the effect to use. Set to 0 to get the original image. Increase beyond to oversaturate.
Red Filter
The color of the red filter.
Bluegreen Filter
The color of the green filter.
Red Dye
The dye color for the red strip.
Cyan Dye
The dye color for the cyan strip. Adjust slightly greener for a warmer look.
Scales the brightness of the result.
Scales the color saturation. Increase for more intense colors. Set to 0 for monochrome.
Offset Darks
Adds a gray value to the darker regions of the result. This can be negative to increase contrast.
Grain Amp
Scales the amplitude of the film grain that is added to the result. Set this to 0 to disable all grain.
Grain Blur
The grain is smoothed by this amount. Increase for coarser grain.
Shows either the final result or any of various intermediate parts of the process.
Shows the final result.
Red Strip
Shows the red−filtered source as monochrome as it would be on the real film.
BlueGreen Strip
Shows the blue−green−filtered source as monochrome as it would be on the real film.
Red Dye
Shows the red−dyed red strip.
Cyan Dye
Shows the cyan−dyed green strip.