Optics-2022 : Filters : S_KaleidoPolar
Warps the image around in a disk shape and reflects radially as if viewed through a reflecting cylinder resulting in a kaleidoscope pattern.
The S_KaleidoPolar filter comes from the Emmy award winning Boris FX Sapphire filter set.
To select a preset, pick one from the Presets window.
Center location of the kaleidoscoped image.
Z Dist
Scales the distance of the entire result in or out from the Center. Increase to zoom out, decrease to zoom in.
Rotates the kaleidoscope's reflection pattern about the Center by this many counterclockwise degrees.
Stretch X & Y
Scales the horizontal or vertical size of the result.
Inside Shift Y
Shifts the image up by this amount before it is reflected. This causes the resulting pattern of images to radiate outward from the center.
Angle Repeats
The number of copies of the image to wrap around. This should be an even integer to avoid a seam where the first copy connects to the last.
Kaleido Amount
Adjusts the overall amount of distortion applied to the image. Set this to 0 to leave the image unchanged or to 1 for a normal kaleidoscope pattern.
If enabled, the image is resampled using pixel averaging. This removes aliasing and gives a higher quality result, although it may not be necessary if your image is smooth with no sharp edges or high frequencies.
Crop Input
These 4 parameters, Crop Top, Crop Bottom, Crop Left, and Crop Right, allow selecting a rectangular subsection of the image to be processed. If the Wrap parameters are set to "No" the exposed borders will be transparent. If the Wrap is "Tile" or "Reflect", the image is wrapped on the new cropped borders to fill the frame. This can make it easier to avoid artifacts due to distorting an image with bad edges.
Show Center
Enables/disables the on-screen control for adjusting the Center parameter.