Optics-2022 : Filters : S_GlowEdges
Creates glowing light from the edges of the image. This differs from the default Glow in that small or thin objects generate as much glow around their edges as large objects.
The S_GlowEdges filter comes from the Emmy award winning Boris FX Sapphire filter set.
To select a preset, pick one from the Presets window.
Glow Brightness
Controls the overall glow brightness.
Scales the color of the glows.
Glow Width
Scales the glow distance. Note that a 0 glow width still enhances the bright areas. Set the brightness parameter to 0 if you want to pass the original image through unchanged.
Width X
Scales the horizontal glow width. Set to 0 for vertical only.
Width Y
Scales the vertical glow width. Set to 0 for horizontal only.
Width Red
Scales the red glow width. If the red, green, and blue widths are equal, the glows will match the color of the image. If they are not equal, the glows will vary in color with distance.
Width Green
Scales the green glow width.
Width Blue
Scales the blue glow width.
Enables glowing by subpixel widths.
Edges Smooth
Determines the width of the extracted edges which generate the glows.
Edges Brightness
Scales the brightness of the edges before the glows are applied.
Edges Threshold
Increase to remove glows on the less sharp edges.
Selects the type of output.
Shows the final result of combining the glow and image.
The edge image only is output, before any glows are applied. This can be helpful while adjusting the various edge parameters.
Glow From Alpha
The glow is generated from the alpha channel instead of the RGB channels. In this case, the glow will not use color from the image and will typically be brighter. Values between 0 and 100 interpolate between using the RGB and the alpha.
Glow Under Source
Set to 1 to composite the image over the glows.
Light Background
Increase this to give a look of the glow casting light onto the background image. To see this more clearly, you can also lower the Scale Background parameter or raise the Brightness parameter.
Source Opacity
Scales the opacity of the image when combined with the glows. This does not affect the generation of the glows themselves.
Determines how the glow is combined with the image. This parameter has no effect if Light Background is set to 1.
The image is multiplied by the glow.
The glow is added to the image.
The glow is blended with the image using a screen operation.
The result is the difference between the glow and the image.
The glow is combined with the image using an overlay function.
Expand Borders
If enabled, transparent borders are added to the image before processing. This allows the result to include soft edges beyond the original image size. When off, the effect only occurs within the frame and the result will retain an edge at the borders.
Show Glow Width
Enables/disables the on-screen control for adjusting the Glow.