Optics-2022 : Filters : S_CartoonPaint
Auto-generates a version of the image with a cartoon paint-brushed look. Finds the edges in the image and draws new outlines for those edges. Replaces the colors of the areas between the edges with paint brush shapes.
The S_CartoonPaint filter comes from the Emmy award winning Boris FX Sapphire filter set.
To select a preset, pick one from the Presets window.
Edge Width
The width of the outlined edges. Increase for thicker outlines.
Edge Strength
Scales the strength of the outlined edges by this amount. Increase for heavier edges.
Edge Threshold
Subtracts this value from outline image. Increase to remove unwanted noise and minor edges.
Edge Color
Outline the edges of the clip in this color.
Suppress Small Edges
Increase this value to remove smaller edges while keeping the larger edges.
Edge Sharpen
Amount to sharpen the outlines. Increase this value for sharper sides to the edges.
The density of brush strokes in the frame. Increase for smaller strokes.
Stroke Length
Determines the length of the brush strokes along the directions of edges in the image. If this is negative, you can switch from VanGogh to HairyPaint styles and vice versa.
Stroke Align
Increase to smooth out the directions of the strokes so nearby strokes are more parallel.
Smooth Colors
Blurs the source by this amount before generating the brush strokes. Increase to cause the colors of nearby strokes to be more consistent.
Used to initialize the random number generator. The actual seed value is not significant, but different seeds produce different results and the same value should give a repeatable result.
Posterize Amount
If positive, generates a posterized look by limiting the number of colors in the result. Increase this for fewer and larger regions of solid colors. Decrease for more colors and more steps between colors.
Posterize Smooth
Amount to smooth the edges between color regions when posterizing. Increase this value to reduce aliasing between the colored areas. If set to 1, the areas will be completely smoothed together and no posterize effect will occur.
Posterize Phase
Amount to shift color boundaries when posterizing. Adjust this to fine‚ąítune the location of the edges between the color regions. A phase of 1 is equivalent to 0.
Color Correct
Scales the color saturation. Increase for more intense colors. Set to 0 for monochrome.
Scale Lights
Scales the result by this value. Increase for a brighter result.
Tint Lights
Scales the result by this color, thus tinting the lighter regions.
Tint Darks
Adds this color to the darker regions of the source.
Offset Darks
Adds this gray value to the darker regions of the source. This can be negative to increase contrast.
Mix With Source
Interpolates between the result (0) and the original source (1).