Optics-2022 : Features : Filters and Categories
Filters and Categories
Optics is comprised of the following filters, categorized by function: Color, Diffusion/Blurs, Film Lab, Grads/Tints, Image, Lens, Light, Render and Stylize.
Auto Adjust, Black and White, S_ChannelSwitcher, Color, Color Correct, Curves, Develop, Enhancing, Fluorescent, Haze, High Contrast, S_HotSpots, Kelvin, Levels, Low Contrast, Match, Ozone, Polarizer, Selective Color Correct, Selective Saturation, Shadows/Highlights, Sky, S_Threshold, Tone Adjust.
S_Beauty, Beauty Studio, Blur, S_BlurChannels, S_BlurChroma, S_BlurDirectional, S_BlurMotion, Center Spot, Depth of Field, Diffusion, Double Fog, S_EdgeAwareBlur, Fog, S_FreeLens, Frost, Halo, Mist, Net, S_RackDefocus, Silk, Split Field
Film Lab
S_BleachBypass, Cross Processing, S_FilmDamage, S_FilmEffect, Film Stocks, Flashing, Grain, Looks, S_VintageColor2Strip, S_VintageColor3Strip
Color Gradient, Color Spot, Colorize Gradient, Dual Gradient, S_DuoTone, Gels, ND Gradient, Photographic, S_QuadTone, Radial Tint, Sepia, Skin Tone, Split Tone, Sunset, Tint, S_TriTone
DeBand, DeBlock, DeFog, DeNoise, Detail, Paint, Sharpen, S_WarpTransform
Chromatic Aberration, DeFringe, S_EmbossDistort, S_EmbossGlass, S_EmbossShiny, Lens Distortion, Radial Exposure, S_Vignette, Warp Fish Eye, Warp Magnify, Warp Polar, S_WarpPuddle, S_WarpPuff, S_WarpWaves2
Ambient Light, S_Aurora, Dot, S_EdgeRays, Eye Light, Flag, S_Glint, S_Glint Rainbow, S_Glow, S_Glow Darks, S_Glow Edges, S_GlowRings, Ice Halos, Key Light, Lens Flare, S_Lens Flare, Light, S_Light Leak, Overexpose, Rainbow, S_Rays, Reflector, ReLight, Soft Light, S_Sparkles, S_SparklesColor, S_SpotLight, Star, S_Streaks, S_Ultra Glow
Particle Illusion
Complete, Sampler, Abstract, Background, Dust-Fog, Emitters-2020, Emitters-2020.5, Emitters-2021, Emitters-2021.5, Emitters-2022, Explosions, Fire, Fireworks, HUD-UI, Magic, Misc, Nature, Sci-Fi, Smoke, Snow, Space, Sparkles, Trails, Tunnels, Water
S_Caustics, S_Clouds, S_CloudsColor mooth, S_CloudsMultColor, S_CloudsPerspective, S_Grunge, S_LaserBeam, S_Luna, S_MuzzleFlash, S_NightSky, S_TextureFolded, S_TextureTiles, S_Ultra Zap, S_Zap, S_Zap From, S_Zap To
S_Autopaint, Borders, S_Brush, S_Cartoon, S_CartoonPaint, Color Infrared, Color Shadow, S_Crosshatch, Day for Night, S_DigitalDamage, S_Dog Vision, S_Etching, S_FlysEyeCircles,S_FlysEyesHex, S_FlysEyeRect, S_HalfTone, S_HalfToneColor, S_HalfToneRings, Harris Shutter, S_Infinite Zoom, Infrared, S_Kaleido, S_KaleidoPolar, S_KaleidoRadial, Night Vision, S_ParallaxStrips, Pastel, Pencil, S_PseudoColor, S_RomanTile, Texture, S_TVDamage, S_WarpChroma, X-Ray
Note: Filters that contain a S_ prefix come from the Emmy award winning Boris FX Sapphire filter set. Visit Boris FX Sapphire Filters for more information.