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BCC VR Sharpen

New in BCC11 Overview The BCC VR Sharpen filter uses state-of-the-art image algorithms to enhance image detail while minimizing artifacts associated with traditional sharpening tools.  The core sharpening algorithm performs up to four passes labelled Fine, Small, Medium, and Course. 

BCC VR Insert

New in BCC11 Overview The BCC VR Insert filter provides users with a way to insert a secondary source clip, title, logo, etc. into a VR 360 shot in true 360 VR space in either mono or stereo format in

BCC VR Reorient

New in BCC11 Overview The BCC Reorient filter enables users to reorient a VR 360 shot in true 360 VR space in either mono or stereo format. Included in the filter are a set of intuitive overlay guides that map

BCC VR Flicker Fixer

New in BCC11 Overview BCC VR Flicker Fixer is a simplified version of the full BCC Flicker Fixer and is designed to reduce or eliminate flicker from live action 360 VR source footage.  The Frame Analysis method is intended for use with clips

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New in BCC11 Overview The BCC VR Blur filter emulates the look of shooting with soft focus or with a lens diffusion filter, generating out of focus effects. This filter was designed from the ground up to operate in VR

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