Studio Moross Brings Music to Vivid Color: Sapphire and Adobe After Effects

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Award-winning illustrator Kate Moross built a following and became one of the most sought-after figures in the design world when she burst onto the scene thanks to her colorful, whimsical and bold style. In 2012, Moross founded London-based Studio Moross (SM) and quickly expanded into video after she saw a gap that needed filling in the evolving music industry. “We wanted to become a creative resource for record labels as the industry was changing rapidly and required lots of content, visuals, and creative solutions,” says SM. Clients include: Viacom (MTV, TRL, Nickelodeon), Sam Smith, Parklife Festival, Disclosure, One Direction, Dreamland, BFI, and Wetransfer.

The tight-knit 11 person team (7 design, 4 video) likes to be involved in the entire creative process from art directing and creating an artist’s album to music videos and live performance visuals to festival branding, social media content, murals, and graphics for TV and broadcast. “Post-production is a small part of what we do, but we try to do our post in-house from editing to grading to conforming to compositing. We enjoy the entire process,” notes SM. “Sapphire has become an important tool in our Adobe After Effects workflow. Having some great instant content generators means we can get projects off the ground faster.”

(Parklife 2018: Sapphire effects used - S_LensFlare, S_Glow, S_Zap)

Sapphire effects played a key role in developing the look of the studio’s Parklife 2018 promo film. Although the team often uses presets as a starting point or straight out of the box, they turned to Sapphire’s Flare Designer to customize flares in a scene near the end of the promo. “This was primarily to get the colors working, because it’s a cartoon we didn’t actually want to be too realistic (color-wise), but did still want some variation in the tone of the flare,” comments SM. “We aren’t afraid to experiment with color. We like that our work has a playful style.”

In addition to Sapphire’s Lights effects (a perennial favorite), Studio Moross is also big fans of the Render and Stylize effects, recently using the effects for X Factor visuals, Sam Smith World Tour visuals, and Mind Entperises. “Some effects are so bold that they can become the primary feature of a visual (example S_Zebrafy),” states SM. “Other times, we use the effects as upgrades to the existing After Effects tools (example S_Glow).”

(Mind Enterprises, Idol: Sapphire effects used - S_Psykoblobs, S_Psykostripes and S_Glow)

“Sapphire’s like an extended and more advanced version of what already comes with After Effects,” ends SM. “As we keep learning the intricacies and details of each effect, we can implement them into our work — the most satisfying is when you can use these tools combined with others to create strong visuals, rather than just one effect on its own.”

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