Skubalon Gets Creative Around the Clock with Sapphire

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Skubalon Creative, the brainchild of long-time editor Damien LeVeck, prides itself on two things: providing clients with the highest quality and polish, and providing its editors, artists, animators, compositors, and designers with the highest quality of life. (Yay!)

“As an editor, I am all too familiar with the dreaded ‘all-nighter’ when a cut has to be finished to make a deadline. Unfortunately, every editor suffers from diminishing returns when fatigue sets in after a 8-10 hour day,” says LeVeck, Owner/Producer/Creative Director. “While this is an undeniable reality of post-production, I thought there had to be a better way to keep working without pushing the artists beyond their mental and physical ability.”

(*Skubalon Creative, reality TV development sizzle*)   “I am proud to label Skubalon Creative as a ‘de-centralized’ creative and post-production agency, meaning that we have editors and artists all over the world who work remotely for us at all hours of the day,” continues LeVeck. “This enables us to not only serve clients in different countries, but also to turn work for domestic clients around the clock utilizing daylight hours around the world. We do it by leveraging bleeding-edge technology that enables secure, high-speed transfer of large assets over long distances.”

To deliver the quality its clients like MTV, Lionsgate Television, Snapchat, and Bentley Motors USA expect, the team uses Sapphire across the board — inside Avid Media Composer, Premiere, After Effects, Resolve, and NUKE. “Sapphire is a huge time-saver for our editors. There is a shared directory on our server where artist-created presets can be accessed by everyone,” notes LeVeck. “So, if our colorist needs to duplicate a look the editor created in his cut, he/she can simply pull the preset into Resolve and drop it on the clip.”

Recently, LeVeck directed and edited a short, proof-of-concept horror film, The Cleansing Hour. The film, which centers on two guys running a webcast streaming fake exorcisms (what could go wrong?), heavily utilized Sapphire. “Sapphire’s Builder is by far my favorite feature,” states LeVeck. “It’s incredibly powerful and opens up the toolset to a whole new world of creative possibilities. I love that I can create bespoke filters and transitions with such ease.” In the clip above, LeVeck and the Skubalon team used S_DigitalDamage and S_TVDamage to establish the degraded webcast look; S_Shake to add natural shake during intense action scenes; and S_Flicker was added to make flickering lights look more like strobes.

“Sapphire is an invaluable tool in our workflow, and the team has always been committed to listening to their customers and improving the product,” ends LeVeck. “It gives me the confidence that Sapphire will continue to evolve and that the customer will always be their first priority.”

Watch The Cleansing Hour.

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