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mocha Pro helps rukus achieve high quality visual effects for corporate, broadcast and advertising projects.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, rukus is a full service media production facility founded by Michael Hurst (Executive Producer/Managing Partner), Edgar Febus (Senior Editor/Partner) and Nicholas Stroot (Editor/Partner). This young and talented team offers a range of creative services including editing, motion graphics, color grading, 3D animation and VFX for advertising, marketing agencies and independent producers. rukus has made its local mark with clients such as: Procter & Gamble, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Nascar and many more.

As a long time Imagineer customers, Rukus has built a trusted workflow using mocha Pro at the heart of all their visual effects and finishing jobs. We recently spoke to editor and effects artist Edgar Febus about using mocha at their facility:

 “At rukus we use After Effects, mocha Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Avid DS for virtually every project. We use After Effects for most of our animation, and Avid, Premier Pro for editing, Resolve and Avid DS for color grading, and compositing. mocha is a vital part of these types of projects because it is a huge time-saver and expands our creative problem-solving capabilities.”


Fix It In Post

“We most recently used mocha Pro for a product replacement project for Leo Burnett-Puerto Rico; this agency comes to Rukus in particular because they trust our skill with this type of challenge. The product replacement involved Procter & Gamble’s Ace Ultra (Tide) product. We used mocha Pro’s planar motion tracking software to analyze each scene where the product replacement process was needed. Then we exported the tracking data into Avid DS for final compositing and color grading. 3D artist, George Lippert used Maya to model the new product and the Pods. Two artists spent about three days in post-production on the spot featured in our “Fix it in Post” demo video—this includes planar tracking, modeling, compositing, and finishing.

 Hughes – Creative Tracking for Motion Graphics 

During the pre-production for an this ad agency’s branding video, the client asked if/how we could incorporate a few VIRTUAL elements and specifically an actor holding a virtual card in his hand. This is the type of situation wheremocha Pro really sets itself apart – we were able to assure the client that we could accomplish this creative mission in post-production with the help of mocha. “

Object Removal & Fixes

“We also worked on an opening video for The U.S. Army that involved several VFX, object removals various other fixes. This particular video was incredibly challenging and without mocha, would’ve been unthinkable.”


Bottom Line

mocha allows rukus to deal with major issues that would otherwise hinder the creative process. It is a time saving, problem-solving tool and allows us to be creative and compose scenes that were never actually shot. It saves us time and allows us to deliver high quality end results, which ultimately saves our clients time and money. mocha has become a vital virtual partner in all of our VFX challenges.”


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