Old Spice (Mutant Nightmare Remix by Nick DenBoer)

Just in time for the summer! The director behind the viral hit The Chickening was recently contacted by creatives at Old Spice and asked to perform their eccentric “effects – remix – magic” to mash-up some recent commercials.

According to director and VFX artist Nick DenBoer, “mocha Pro software came in real handy on this one.  Lots of roto and removal!” 

While we could describe the project for hours, our words simply can not do it justice…

DenBoer spent approx 3 weeks on the project and relied heavily on mocha Pro for** **intensive rotoscoping, object removal and planar tracking, then composited the results in Adobe After Effects CC. In fact, Nick had early access to the new mocha Pro 5 plug-in for After Effects.

“I had the opportunity to help beta test mocha 5 during this project and only at the tail end, I realized that I could also test the plug-in,” says DenBoer. “Having the plug-in inside of AE is a huge feature that I always wished was available. I use mocha exclusively with After Effects and all of the copying and pasting of masks (and lining up keyframes on larger files) can be a bit of a pain. Now it’s all just a click away and everything lines up perfectly. I am looking forward to incorporating the plug-in as a huge improvement to my daily workflow.”


The new mocha Pro plug-in is awesome! -Nick DenBoer, Director, Smearballs.com





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