Mocha Pro in Commercial Post at Postique

“Clients come to Postique with a variety of different projects, but a similar request. Namely, to be creative.”

That’s the driving sentiment at Postique today, and while it may sound like an obvious goal for a leading VFX design shop, senior editor Jeff Fleck knows there’s a lot of sweat that goes into building a pipeline – a suite of tools – that enables creativity.  Postique, based in Southfield, Michigan prides itself on the multi-platform environment they’ve built – an environment that enables the requirements of the design to drive the tools to be used on any given project, and not the other way around.  And Mocha Pro is a central tool for Postique for that very reason.

Jeff Fleck is a long-time Imagineer Systems enthusiast, and remembers when the Planar Tracker was first released in products like **mokey **and monet.  After beta testing  Mocha Pro, Jeff had no problems convincing the team at Postique to acquire the release version right away.

Mocha Pro solves things that seem just about impossible to do.  We can (and do) throw the toughest shots we can at it and it always comes through.”

Postique has earned a stellar reputation as a VFX design and post shop, and has also earned particularly high marks for its work on automotive spots.

“You’d think car commercials are straight forward – far from it! And that’s where Mocha shines.  Recently we handled a project for Ford.  One shot had a cow in it; sounds simple.  Except the client preferred the look of one cow, the tail from another cow, and by the way, as with all cows, they were covered in flies.  Mocha’s planar tracker and stabilization tools enabled us to take the color from the one cow, switch tails and remove the flies.  What would’ve taken hours and hours of tedium took minutes.  We wouldn’t have attempted this without Mocha!”

As a multi-platform environment that includes everything from Inferno and Flame suites, to Quantel finishing and many other post apps, seamless integration is key.

“We use Mocha Pro so much at Postique, many of our artists are learning new ways they can use it on a daily basis.  Our Inferno guy uses it all the time.  The beauty is, we can take all the best features of Mocha Pro, focus our absolute hardest and creative work, and we know that whatever system we send the tracks to, it will shine!”

“One of the complicated factors with finishing car spots is that the new cars now feature digital speedometers and tachs, GPS screens, MP3 player interfaces with album cover images and interior dash lighting.  And the way they’re shot, many scenes have camera flicker and need to be repaired. One shot with the new mp3 display features a multi-planar interface which of course we routed straight to Mocha Pro’s roto tool to search and replace album cover art while retaining the human touch – it was a breeze!”

“In a recent project, we focused on a series of shots for a Hispanic commercial, shot in an English environment. Many shots included imagery, signage, logos, and even graffiti on an alleyway door – all in English.  We had to remove all the English language imagery and replace it with Hispanic words.  Normally a nightmare, but with Mocha Pro, it was a snap.”

Mocha Pro is a dream come true, especially for the team here at Postique who were already familiar with the benefits of the Planar Tracker.  Combining all the features into one super-set was a killer move, mocha Pro kicks ass – and at a tremendous price point!”

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