French Music Video Director Stays on Beat with mocha Pro

Parisian-born Jean-Marie Marbach has always been drawn to two things: telling stories and translating music into visuals. The self-taught Adobe After Effects VFX artist, who determinedly submitted his show reel to post-production studios until he got a response, is now living his dream as an award-winning music video Director/VFX Supervisor. His highly-stylized videos are influenced by both his VFX background and knowing he has mocha Pro as part of his arsenal. Directing music videos has allowed Marbach to experiment more than in any of his previous VFX positions. “I see the music video field as a true space of freedom,” says Marbach. “It would be a shame not to enjoy this freedom in full. Luckily, every band I’ve worked with has had a very rich universe and some pretty out-there influences.”

“The reasons why I use mocha are simple. It’s a fast, versatile and extremely powerful toolbox,” states Marbach. “But beyond that, I’ve dealt with shots which only mocha could handle. So in my eyes, mocha is not only the best tracking choice out there, sometimes it’s also the only one.”

“My latest music video for Elefant Records “Fiebre En La Disco” could not have been produced without mocha,” notes Marbach. The production of the video presented a few challenges. The video was being shot in Paris, while the band was physically in Buenos Aires. Budgetary restrictions led Marbach to a creative solution. The band was shot on a green screen in Buenos Aires and Marbach inserted their faces inside 3D cubes tracks on the dancers’ heads in Paris. “The challenge was not so much in the complexity of the shots (I was able to keep them fairly simple on set), but in their quantity: 37 in total including one lasting 467 frames and featuring both characters dancing together,” explains Marbach. “But mocha made the whole process very smooth. Planar motion tracking and camera solve were the main two features used on these shots.”

The set design of the video also presented challenges since the action in the video takes places on a disco space ship. “We were shooting in an ordinary nightclub,” continues Marbach. “This required further tweaking – removing fire exit signs and doors, inserting nebulae outside portholes, and adding in disco balls and futuristic disco floors – all of which was done with mocha.”

Marbach credits mocha for helping him realize his vision. “Knowing I’d be using mocha, we were able to make the most of our single day on set by shooting right away without spending precious time on physically removing unwanted elements,” ends Marbach. “When I don’t have the time (or authorization) to properly adjust the shooting environment, I’m glad I can rely on mocha in post.”

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