BCC AVX Helping HIV-AIDS Victims in Africa

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Randy Rike serves on the Board of Trustees for Capital Christian Ministries International as the Director of Media & Technical USA. He lives in southern California, and works in Hollywood, at a large post production facility. CCMI is based in Lusaka, Zambia. His duties include researching and procuring anything technical, but primarily production and post production resources.

Over the last five years Capital Christian Media has acquired four Avid editing systems, two Xpress Pros, and two Media Composers. CCM broadcasts their weekly church services, as well as music videos and also documentaries about the HIV-AIDS pandemic in Africa. CCMI plans to start a church in the capital city of every nation in Africa, and then those churches will open and support a local orphanage.

Randy Rike

"Providing editing systems to a facility on the other side of the world presents many challenges. There's the logistics of getting things over there, and then the time difference. The fact that their internet and e-mail is usually down also doesn't help. I spent several weeks in Zambia in 2003 doing the initial training on my laptop-based Avid system, and then, CCM grew to a team of four, all self-taught. I returned in the spring of 2008, and the team is doing quite well."

"As their editing skills increased, they were anxious to get new tools and improve the production value of their work. Their goal is to give a voice to voiceless orphans in Africa. Higher quality productions definitely get a better result. My goal was to choose a cost-effective solution, and hopefully, one that didn't require a massive learning curve or require extensive remote training and assistance."

BCC/AVX to the rescue.

"We use BCC/AVX at my facility in Hollywood, so I was already familiar with them. They install seamlessly, and show up in the Avid effects palette right along with the Avid native effects. Not only do they provide hundreds of presets, the controls are intuitive and easy to use."

"Because of the diversity of effects and the built-in presets, my team was able to use BCC/AVX right out of the box. No training, no learning curve. Many of the presets were exactly what they were looking for in an effect. As they became familiarized with the effects, they were able to easily start to make customized versions."

Here's some comments from the CCM editors ...

Chileshe Bwalya, CCM Editor

"A thrilling experience with BCC/AVX Effects is that they are diverse and certainly present an application that is a notch higher. I've explored some of the effects that have just added another dimension to my editing."

"I have found BCC/AVX Effects very interesting and easy to use. I've been working on Music Videos recently and can confidently say that with the addition of these effects, my workflow has really been enhanced. They are a number of BCC/AVX effects on Transitions, Blares, Filters and Film grain, which are very exceptional. I've fallen in love with them and am using them quite often in most of my work."

"Personally, I count it a great joy to incorporate BCC/AVX Effects as a professional tool in my editing work."

Cassandra Sibande, CCM Editor

"Thanks Randy for adding BCC/AVX effects in my effect palette. It has made my editing easy. I really don't have to do a lot of work to alter my picture but I just have to click on an effect and arrive at my desired goal."

"My intros to the messages I edited and used BCC/AVX effects were really capturing, even without serious sound beats, the audience noticed the effects."

"Thanks for making it easy for us."

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