Profile: Rush Olson and Hugo Carbajal, Texas Rangers

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Some say baseball is a boring game. Those people have never been to The Ballpark in Arlington, Texas, home of the Texas Rangers. Photographer/Editor Hugo Carbajal and Creative Director Rush Olson have found the winning combination using the Boris Motion Graphics Package with their two Avid systems.

The process starts before the team ever assembles in Surprise, AZ for training. Rush and Hugo put together a list of things that need to be accomplished, from player shots, to commercials to in-park imaging needs. The media department is responsible for it all. Olson will set up shoots involving single players and multiple players on different ball fields at the complex. Once the footage is shot, Carbajal, and intern Stuart Birdseye log using the Avid Xpress and Xpress DV.

“We can work very efficiently using the combination of AVID and Boris,” Olson said. “Things translate so easily across platforms that I can work on part of a spot and seamlessly pass it to Hugo for additional finishing work.”

As they begin to rough cut the projects using the AVIDs, Hugo uses the Boris products to begin the process of creating the final output. By using Boris on all his systems, he is able to create the effect once, while moving it around from the DV version to the Xpress Deluxe for final output. By sometimes creating the effects in the offline space, Hugo has more time to finetune the final look of the project.

The Rangers used the Boris Continuum Complete AVX filters for spots touting last season’s historic 500th home run by then-Ranger Rafael Palmeiro. Boris played an integral part of enhancing an exciting moment that will live on in Ranger history.

“The Palmeiro stuff had the highest profile,” said Olson.“But we used Boris throughout the season to create a unique retro look to fit our traditionally themed “Welcome Home” campaign.”

Hugo also finds that the titling in Boris RED is the best way to get the written word across on the screen. Whether it is lower thirds for a player’s name and stats on a full screen 3D logo treatment, Boris RED is the best and fastest way to get the job done.

The addition of Real Time Preview filters in Boris Continuum Complete AVX, allows for more creative play. Hugo and Rush can visualize an effect quickly without having to render. This saves valuable time in the video suite. With projects often going to air the same day they are shot, time is of the utmost importance. Boris handles this with both products. RED offers Real Time preview from inside its UI, while the RT filters from Continuum allow Hugo to quickly tweak several parameters at once and keep on editing.

Next time you go to a ball game, whether it’s in Arlington or Boston, check out the scoreboard video screen and know that a lot of energy went into those cool videos you see. Make sure you give those guys a big round of applause when you see ‘em.


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