Rev13 Films & BCC help bring 'Reel Injun' to Toronto International Film Festival

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Rev13 Films provides post-production workflow and conform for Toronto International Film Festival's documentary film feature, Reel Injun, produced by Rezolution Pictures International.

Reel Injun traces the cinematic evolution of the Native people from the silent film era to today. To display this journey, the film uses clips from hundreds of classic and recent films, as well as candid interviews with celebrated Native and non-Native directors, writers, actors, and activists, including Clint Eastwood, Robbie Robertson, Sacheen Littlefeather, John Trudell and Russell Means,

"As an online facility this film presents a tremendous challenge both technically and creatively," says Rev13 Films creative director Tony Manolikakis who worked as technical director and post-production supervisor on the film. "The approach of weaving clips, archival materials, news footage, photographs and interviews creates a complex tapestry that tells the Native American story through Hollywood's eyes. It also explains how cinema has influenced the world's understanding of Native Americans. It's mesmerizing!"


The challenge for Rev13 was to combine source material from XDCAM, HDCAM, Digibeta, Beta SP, DVD, mini DV, and QuickTime movies into a consistent and seamless experience for the viewer.

"The interviews were all shot HDCAM or XDCAM, but 80% of the film comes from other sources mostly consisting of standard definition DVDs and archival footage, including some of the earliest images ever captured as motion pictures. We had to upconvert all that material to HD. Originally we planned to use hardware scalers and re-cut all the shots back into the film. Trying to find a better solution we decided to try the software scalers that work integrated in Final Cut Pro."

"We were excited the Boris Continuum Complete's UpRez filter worked as well or better than the hardware scalers, even when viewed off a 2K projector in a large theatre. This simplified our workflow tremendously and provided us with more flexibility. For some material the UpRez was so clean we had people questioning if we had actually pulled the shots from the original negative!"

Boris Continuum Complete also played a key roll in photo pan - a standard visual element for most documentaries. "The BCC PanZoom allowed us to use very high quality, high resolution images while maintaining complete control of size and position." The photos in the film are used in thoughtful and subtle ways so it was imperative the quality of the moves be perfect. In a dramatic scene young Native children watch a movie depicting the brutal slaughter of Natives at the hands of the U.S. military. Shots of the children's faces are inter-cut with scenes on the TV screen. Using the BCC Corner Pin filter, the images on the screen were replaced by specific shots selected by the editor and director. "The process was so flawless it gave us tons of flexibility and creative freedom," said Manolikakis.

"It's amazing, from the dozens of BCC filters available we used the simplest and most subtle effects for the film. Ultimately, we needed great image quality and seamless integration with Final Cut Pro and Boris Continuum Complete really delivered."

About Rev13 films

Rev13 Film is a post production and production facility located in Montreal, Canada. They provide complete online mastering services for color correction, online editing for feature films, documentaries, TV shows and music videos.

About Rezolution Pictures International

Rezolution Pictures International is an award-winning Aboriginal-owned film and television Production Company that has played a vital role in bringing cultural diversity to a Canada's broadcasting landscape since its formation in 2001.


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