BCC Used on 'The Hurt Locker' Trailer

Tags: Continuum

Martin Zwanzger proves that you don't need to run a million dollar film studio in order to work on big movies. Out of his home office in Nuremberg, Germany, Martin offers his services for all kinds of graphics, post production, film, and VFX work. His customers include ScanlineVFX, ARRI Film & TV, Constantin Film, and Concorde Filmverleih, working on projects such as " The Chronicles of Narnia 2 ", " 300 ", and " Iron Man ". One of his common jobs is creating title animations and movie trailers. For this he generally uses Adobe After Effects.

"One of the big advantages of After Effects is that there's such a large amount of additional tools out there. If you need anything specific, you can often just add that feature by downloading and purchasing a plug-in - no need to wait for a product update or switch to a completely different application. In this business it's important to stay up to date and be able to meet customer's expectations concerning specific effects. That's why I always try to follow what's going on in the plug-in market," says Zwanzger. "When Boris introduced Continuum Complete 6 and I heard about the new 3D text features, I had to check that out immediately. I was just working on the title sequence for a feature film and also on a 3D movie trailer, so the timing was perfect. With BCC 6 I was able to create real 3D text animations without ever having to leave After Effects."

Since that day he regularly uses BCC 6. "Another Full-HD 1920x1080 project I was working on was the German movie trailer for "The Hurt Locker". An important part of the job was creating titles that had the look and feel of dust, sand and desert, which are dominant characteristics of the film. So I used the material options in BCC 6 to get this brownish yellow bump map texture. I combined that with AE's light system and camera to get some highlights and subtle movement. Other than that the titles were to stay pretty much static, since that went best with the style of the trailer."

"Usually I have no more than 1-2 days to finish a movie trailer, so tools like these suit my workflow perfectly. To me, BCC 6 is kind of like a swiss army knife for video effects. Most of the time I only use a selection of tools, but it's good to know I already have a vast variety of additional effects waiting right there if I need them".


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