This Old House Nails Show Packaging and Promos with BCC AE

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This Old House TV was awarded an Emmy for its New Orleans Project episode, which featured the rebuilding of an 1892 Creole-style shotgun home located in Lower Ninth Ward that was badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Throughout its 30-year history, This Old House has earned a grand total of 17 Emmy Awards and garnered an impressive 82 nominations. The production crew traveled from Massachusetts to New Orleans to capture this story and other stories of the city's revival.

Michael Svirsky, Post Production Supervisor in their Concord, MA facility, is often tasked with creation of packaging and show promos on short notice. When the news of an award came in, he had to act fast. An animated bug with the Emmy logo and This Old House brand had to be created in time for the next episode to go on air.

Michael's tools of choice are Adobe After Effects and Boris Continuum Complete 6 AE, both installed on his trusty Apple MacBook Pro laptop. He already used the new BCC 6 3D extrusion feature on a number of occasions and this time it was going to be a lifesaver. Fortunately, an EPS version of an Emmy logo was readily available, and the BCC Extruded EPS filter did the rest.

"I used BCC Extruded EPS, BCC Light Sweep, BCC Particles, and BCC Swish Pan to create the animation and add the organic look," commented Michael. "What I like the most is that BCC effects come with presets; this makes it so much easier to get started."

In addition to branding and packaging, Michael creates in-house commercial spots for main This Old House show sponsors such as STANLEY and BOSTITCH. "For the STANLEY spot I used BCC Lens Flare Advanced, BCC Steel Plate, BCC Glint, and BCC Particle System - AWESOME stuff. I used as many BCC effects as I could in this piece. The client was so happy they asked me to create an alternate version using the same style and approach; it will run later in the season."

He further comments, "We're deep into our current production season and are finally starting the production of a new show ( This New House ). I hope to be able to incorporate BCC 6 effects into the graphic look and feel of the new show as well."

Finally, Michael is very excited about the availability of Boris XML Transfer. "Perfect timing," he comments. Implementing an efficient workflow from Final Cut Pro to After Effects will be crucial for This New House ."


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