HD Heaven Conforms The Gadget Show

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HD Heaven is a state-of-the-art video post-production facility located in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The shared vision of husband-and-wife team Tony & Patti Quinsee-Jover, HD Heaven caters to high-end broadcasters and corporate clients. They have edited several thousand TV commercials and several hundred broadcast programs. At the heart of HD Heaven's studio is Avid DS Nitris, handling HD, SD, 2K, and 4K film, all in real-time.

HD Heaven does a lot of conforming on their Avid DS systems from projects offlined on Avid Media Composer. One of the major programs that HD Heaven finishes every week is The Gadget Show, a prime-time TV program for North One/Five TV that is also sold to Discovery for worldwide distribution. As the program has matured, so has the number of effects put in at the offline stage, where Boris Continuum Complete is used extensively. HD Heaven uses Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX for Avid DS to conform the BCC effects put in during offline.

BCC Rays Streaky

"Until we had Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX for Avid DS, the onlines were becoming more and more difficult to achieve," commented Tony Quinsee-Jover, owner, HD Heaven. "With the release of BCC 6 AVX for DS, all offline BCC effects are contained within the AFE and conform completely with all animated parameters correctly set. This is an enormous boon for us. Now, we couldn't imagine conforming and onlining a show without our armory of BCC effects at hand. It means that we can spend more time grading and perfecting other aspects of the show instead of wasting time recreating effects that have already been determined."

BCC Damaged TV

HD Heaven has used Boris Continuum Complete for nearly 10 years, regularly exploring the versatility of the plug-ins as well as the deep customizations that can be made to each plug-in's look. Concluded Quinsee-Jover, "In addition to the ability to conform from Media Composer via AFE, the sheer range and depth of the Boris Continuum Complete package will help us grow our business by allowing us to continue offering our clients the very best in online finishing."


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