Profile: Sherrie White, HDTV Hawaii

Tags: Continuum

In 1988, Sherrie White co-founded New Generations, Inc., one of Hawaii's largest independent production/post-production companies. Last year, she split from New Generations and started HDTV Hawaii, Inc. Sherrie is one of the original users of Avid DS, having worked on DS since the first beta version in 1998 through the current Avid DS release. HDTV Hawaii specializes in documentaries, long-form multi-show series, program opens and graphics packages, and corporate and government presentations. Sherrie used Boris Continuum Complete AVX with Avid Media Composer several years ago - and she was thrilled to see the plug-in collection released for DS.

"Boris Continuum Complete AVX for Avid DS provides the most complete selection of special effects ever offered for Avid DS - and at a price we can afford," commented Sherrie. "The range of effects and its ease of use make it a 'must have' for anyone who wants to take advantage of the full capabilities of the Avid DS system."

HDTV Hawaii has used Boris Continuum Complete effects for:

  • Two 2-hour documentaries about the Hawaii National Guard and their deployment to Kuwait, filmed in Kuwait, Iraq, Fort Hood, Texas, and Hawaii
  • Corporate presentations for Oceanic Time Warner Cable Hawaii
  • "Living Local", a weekly entertainment/talk show on local FOX affiliate KHON, and rebroadcast on the CW network and in the Philippines
  • U.S. Army Corp of Engineers "Waikoloa Maneuver Area" documentary and supplementary education video - for all K-12 students on the Island of Hawaii - warning residents of Hawaii of live ammunitions found throughout the island of Hawaii following training exercises during World War II
  • Oiwi Channel, Hawaii's first Hawaiian Interactive Channel on Demand

Sherrie especially likes Boris Continuum Complete's DV Fixer and Smooth Tone effects as she often receives low-quality b-roll footage as well as old footage on VHS. These image restoration tools allow her to mix inferior footage with HDTV Hawaii's full-res HD footage to create a more seamless transition. Sherrie also regularly employs BCC's lighting, glow, tritone, and color correction filters in her graphics and open and promo sequence work. HDTV clients have commented that the BCC filters provide a totally unique look that is above and beyond anything else being produced in Hawaii.

Sherrie concludes, "I find myself turning to Boris Continuum Complete on every single project, and I truly value my relationship with Boris FX. Many developers take days to reply and charge a fee for technical advice after a short grace period, but everyone I have dealt with at Boris FX has answered my questions within 24 hours, provided assistance in updating software, and has been sincerely interested in helping every step of the way. I feel like the staff at Boris are my friends - and part of my team to create success."


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