German Broadcaster NDR Chooses BCC FxPlug

Tags: Continuum

NDR, the northern division of Germany`s national broadcast association, uses Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug as the standard effects package on 30+ Apple Final Cut Pro edit suites. Senior editor and editing supervisor Oliver Krau shares how and why BCC is used in every day editing projects:

"We decided to equip all of our FCP suites with BCC FxPlug as that makes it easier to schedule them for all of the different editing jobs. These projects include pretty much everything from news, sports, features, trailers, bumpers, or documentaries in SD and HD. We were already familiar with the BCC filters from our Avid-based facilities and were happy with our experiences there, so adding BCC FxPlug to our FCP environment was an obvious choice. This made it easy for editors coming from Avid or working on both systems to get started with effects work in FCP without any learning curve. Another plus was the fact that Boris offers a larger selection of filters than competitors."

"The most commonly used filters for us would probably be the BCC glow, blur, and color effects. These work very well on text and footage that needs to be juiced up a bit, which is often required for opening sequences. We discovered that BCC Fast Flipper is a convenient way of creating mirroring effects, and we use that on one of our templates for opening credits where the lower third of the image appears mirrored. Compared to the tools that FCP offers, BCC Fast Flipper takes less tracks to set up and has less problems with reversed fields. Likewise, we prefer BCC DVE and DVE Basic over FCP`s built-in tools as the BCC filters have better anti-aliasing along the edges and thus prevent ugly jaggies."

"Being able to save custom presets for filter settings fits well into our workflow. We have a dedicated server for project templates, and some of these templates already include specific filter settings. Also, every editor has their personal list of favorite presets for effects. When new production jobs are registered, the intended effects work is addressed at the very beginning. This way we can assure that a sufficient amount of time and effects-experienced editors are scheduled for that task."


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