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Tim Johnson Graffic Jam Into the Volcano

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I grew up in the Midwest, with stops in Iowa, Kansas, and Minnesota, before my family headed west to Arizona. After serving a church mission in Mexico City, I went on to Brigham Young University to become a television sports anchor. I quickly found out I had the face for radio and voice for closed-captioning. So I switched to production behind the camera. Since then, I've worked or freelanced for all four major networks and several other cable channels. These days I split time running a small graphics boutique and helping a cool new company develop business tools.

What type of work do you do?

I deal mostly with motion graphics projects. Everything from broadcast news opens and promos to long form documentary stuff. Keeps me hoppin'.

Why did you purchase Boris Continuum Complete?

As a small business with minimal employees, I need tools that will get us the most bang for the buck. I found Boris Continuum Complete to be the mother of all values. A bazillion plug-ins and effects that were just as useful in the broadcast world as they were in the documentary world. I've been with BCC since version 4, and have never been happier.

On which types of projects have you used Boris Continuum Complete?

There's a BCC footprint on most everything that comes out of the company. We crank out everything from HD content for broadcast to family values religious programming. One project that had some heavy BCC usage just passed the half million mark in YouTube views. We've been very blessed with good clients, and they've been very pleased with the work.

Give us an example of how you recently used Boris Continuum Complete

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a high-end post facility in Salt Lake City that does a lot of work for the National Geographic Channel. They had a quick turn project on the Iceland volcanoes that needed some help, including a title open and various maps. The producer wanted 3D titles in the open, but the budget he was given was pretty tight. I was able to quickly create text in BCC Extruded Text, manipulate keyframes with the background plate, and render out in a fraction of the time it used to take me in a dedicated 3D app. Not only did the 3D stuff turn out well, but I was able to color correct the background plates and fine tune with various BCC matte tools. Fantastic results - on-time and within budget.

Which Boris Continuum Complete features do you like the best?

For quick 3D text, I haven't found anything yet that compares to Extruded Text both in speed and quality. I LOVE how quick I can get a look in Film Process. Light Sweep is one of those subtle plug-ins that adds a little extra to a logo or text with minimal effort. I use the generators for quick textures and backgrounds. The light effects are useful in many of our spots, and the OpenGL effects are speedy. Hard to narrow that list down. I've found over the years that the product is rock solid. On the few occasions that I've needed support, I've been able to contact a tech quickly or find answers to my questions via the Boris FX web site. The company itself is big-time, but the support team reacts like a small job shop. I can't imagine having a mograph setup without Boris plug-ins on there.

Which features would you like to see in future versions of Boris Continuum Complete?

I would love to see even more presets included in future versions and to maybe have a forum or gallery of work done along with the plug-in settings. It's cool to see other people's presets and their work. Boris FX has been in tune with their customers, and I've been pleased with the direction they've gone.

Any final thoughts you would like to share?

I've been blessed with five daughters who, thankfully, look like their mother. That's five weddings to save for and pay for. BCC not only helps me get my gigs done quicker, but it also helps land bigger gigs. More time with the family, and more savings for those weddings. Not only will I be able to pay for those weddings, I'll be able to create some pretty cool videos for them as well. I'm a happy dad.

I love motion graphics. I love being paid to do what I love. Being able to continue doing this is largely dependent on what kind of living I can produce with the tools I own. BCC has helped keep me at the front of the industry, and helped me earn a good living in the process. With a little bit of drive and a lot of tools in the arsenal, I anticipate a long and happy relationship with current and future versions of BCC. If I had to pick one and only one plug-in set for After Effects, BCC would be it.


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