BCC Delivers for The Voice Mechanic

Tags: Continuum

Sean Lee is a video editor, engineer, producer, and musician who has been editing on Sony Vegas Pro for over a decade. He founded The Voice Mechanic in 1996, where he has served as a vocal coach for over 2,000 students - including many well-known names within the music and film industries. His clients include members of AC/DC, Great White, The Scorpions, and Quiet Riot. Sean also operates Melrose Studios , offering video production, photography, web design, video editing, music recording/mastering services, and more.

A recent job presented Sean with some green screen footage that really needed help. It was difficult to separate the subject from the background: the resolution was low and the lighting was poor, so the edges were blocky. Sean recalled a Boris TV episode where Senior VASST Trainer John Rofrano demonstrated Boris Continuum Complete's Light Wrap feature. He headed to the Boris FX website to download a free trial version of Boris Continuum Complete.

Chroma Key Tools by Boris FX
Left: Result without BCC. Right: Result with BCC keying tools including Light Wrap.

"Within minutes of installing Boris Continuum Complete, I was able to fix all of the issues with the green screen footage, and I had an acceptable cut out of the subject," commented Sean. "Boris Continuum Complete's suite of keying tools is very intuitive and easy to use; they allowed me to quickly move forward with the rest of the editing job." Sean made use of BCC's Light Wrap, Chroma Key, Matte Cleanup, and Matte Choker tools. He also regularly turns to BCC's Beat Reactor technology for audio-driven effects creation.

Sean concluded, "As an artist, I love creating, and that's what I do when I'm editing. I also love the challenge of problem solving and that is how I usually come up with the most creative ideas. Boris Continuum Complete gives me a virtually limitless toolset to unleash my creativity. No matter what the task, I look through the BCC plug-ins, and I almost always find exactly what I need. I am blown away by the depth of this collection."


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