Soundbite: 'It's like Google for your production media.'

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By Jeffrey Hellman
Moving Box Studios

Filmmaker Jeffrey Hellman has a passion for creating socially conscious media. He has worked on a wide variety of international documentaries for several NGOs, NPOs, and grassroots organizations. He’s also an editor and motion graphics designer at multimedia production company Moving Box Studios. When working on the documentary Honoring Home, he discovered Boris Soundbite, a unique dialogue search tool that quickly and accurately finds any word or phrase spoken in recorded media.

Our generation has an endless world of information at our fingertips. Soundbite is great because it can be utilized on a multitude of tasks, ranging from organizing topics and searching for connections in a vast sea of media, to mobilizing creative ideas into immediate action. For any editor looking to save time and energy sifting through hours of footage, Soundbite is quite magical. It’s like Google for your production media.

Giving Voice to the Voiceless
In making the feature length documentary Honoring Home, I have been able to instantaneously search through hours of interviews and categorize topics based on the keywords that the film is structured around. If I want to focus on the protagonist’s 18-day hunger strike for the freedom of Aung San Suu Kyi and Burma, I can type “hunger strike” and within seconds have a clear, manageable list of markers in the media where people discuss the hunger strike campaign. If I want to create a montage of the interviewees’ discussions on democracy, I simply search for “democracy,” and immediately I have a chorus of people calling for democracy. It’s truly amazing!

When editing videos for the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, it’s imperative to reinforce or repeat ideas to clarify a message. With Soundbite, I can choose a word that matches the campaign’s goals to ensure that this information is understood. By searching for the word “change,” for instance, I can empower a panel discussion and turn their ideas into the NGO’s call for change.

Empowering Creativity
My work at Moving Box Studios can give me hours of footage to edit on a tight deadline. Now, with Soundbite, searching for content is as streamlined as surfing the Web. I’m able to quickly organize my media into a more logical structure and new creative ideas blossom from this. Soundbite liberates me from endless hours of searching so that I can weave the tapestry of ideas, stories, and words into a captivating motion picture.

Boris Soundbite has revolutionized my post-production process. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone who is working in any facet of audio or video post-production.


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