This Old House Discovers New Creative Opportunities with Boris Soundbite

Tags: Soundbite

Michael Svirsky is entering his sixth season with This Old House and Time Inc. as VFX Artist and Post-Production Supervisor. This Old House and Ask This Old House air on PBS, are syndicated on CW channels, and are served on and This Old House also provides content for This Old House Ventures' marketing and sales initiatives and constantly develops new shows and series.

This Old House has a library of 30 years of content that is processed and mined for information and content on daily basis. Deploying Boris Soundbite for dialogue search has given them the ability to farm content in an entirely new fashion, opening up new creative opportunities.

"We have used Soundbite for content, research, and project development, and we have found it very easy and intuitive in use," comments Svirsky. "The ability to broaden or narrow the scope of the search with the "Score" setting is particularly useful. We raise the score to pinpoint precise results and lower the score to search for results with lower-quality audio or variations in pronunciation."

In building a stronger and larger viewership and fan base, This Old House is focusing on growing its web presence and taking advantage of various social media networks. By integrating Soundbite, they will be able to more-effectively connect viewers to the enormous wealth of content that they offer.

Concludes Svirsky, "Boris Soundbite has emerged as a staple tool in our production environment - and I suspect it is going to become a staple tool in most other broadcast production environments as well."


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