DJ Yoda & Trans-Siberian March Band use BCC Film Style for Music Video

Tags: Continuum

Rob Kelly is a filmmaker and music producer as well as a percussionist with the Tran-Siberian March Band  (TSMB). TSMB recently collaborated with DJ Yoda , one of the world's best-known hip-hop DJs, and a master turntablist who is also well known for his use of video in his live shows. As part of the collaboration, TSMB performed with DJ Yoda live on stage at a series of shows including WOMAD Festival, Kendall Calling Festival, Bestival, Camp Bestival, and The Camden Roundhouse.

"Following our live performances, DJ Yoda asked us to feature on 'Barrier', a track from his new 'Chop Suey' album. The track is a tongue-in-cheek take on early-90s rave / hardcore dance music, but features a brass arrangement," says Rob. "We decided to create a video to promote the track. DJ Yoda and I wanted the video to have a old, soft, and slightly surreal look, somewhere between Polaroid stills and 'Soviet-era' 16mm film."

"I was aware of Continuum Complete as we used it a lot in our Avid suites," Rob explains. "I researched all the available options for achieving a film look in Premiere Pro and came back to Continuum Complete as the best tool for the job. I used a combination of Film Damage, Film Glow, and Film Process to achieve the look."

The video was shot on the Canon 5D M II and 7D cameras with DOP Andy Schonfelder, and it was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 on a MacBook Pro. "The adjustments layer features in Premiere Pro were very useful as they allowed me to make easy and quick adjustments to groups of shots, and to see at a glance how the three effects would combine together on top of the color correction I'd done for each shot." says Rob. "I also really liked the comprehensiveness of the control available in Continuum Complete. I was able to achieve just the right amount of grain such that you still got a sense of it while watching via streamed video, but without overly degrading the detail in the picture. The tinting and highlights glow features were also a lot of fun to experiment with and helped me get the soft and surreal look I wanted quickly."


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