Hard Charge® Wins the Production Race with BCC AE

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HARD CHARGE® is the first and only televised obstacle race course. For four to five grueling miles, individuals compete in 20+ obstacles with names like "No Holds Barred™," "Hit the Wall™," and "Iron Will™." To avoid a post-production obstacle course with similar imagery, the team at HARD CHARGE® turned to Boris FX and Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) 8 AE as it launched this summer.

"BCC 8 has been crucial in our TV show so far with both the everyday editing as well as the more complex VFX we have created," notes David Hadden, Director/Producer at HARD CHARGE®. "The tools from Boris are excellent at making things that would be time consuming happen faster and easier. And that's what everyone needs in a production environment."

With a schedule that involves a 20 day top-to-bottom turnaround for two episodes, including footage from 50 cameras per event(!), HARD CHARGE® relies heavily on Boris Continuum Complete to streamline its workflow. "I love the integration with Adobe across After Effects and Premiere Pro. It's great when we're moving between programs for something we have to use After Effects for, but we still want to have the consistent look and the efficient workflow that BCC tools provide us with," says Hadden. "The ability to save presets for transitions as well as FX and quickly access them is very helpful, especially in Premiere Pro, because it doesn't allow us to save presets for transitions at all."

In addition to taking advantage of the ability to design their own custom presets and share them among the team, HARD CHARGE® employs BCC Chroma Key for in-studio segments and interviews to tackle the often laborious green screen key framing process efficiently. "The Chroma Key tools that Boris provides are top notch. I love them and use them constantly," adds Hadden.

BCC Chroma Keyer, BCC Light Wrap, BCC Match Grain on Hard Charge

Left: Original footage Right : Filters used: BCC Chroma Keyer, BCC Light Wrap, BCC Match Grain

This week marks the fifth episode with several more scheduled before the end of the year. The race against the tight production schedule continues. "Time is money," declares Hadden. "It's cliché, but it's true. Boris consistently saves us time that allows us to get our delivery faster without having to go through and create things from scratch."

Hadden's final words? "Work smarter, not harder." Perfect advice for editors and HARD CHARGE® competitors.

Want to see HARD CHARGE® and its use of BCC 8 in action? Check your local Comcast Sportsnet listings.

Learn more about Boris Continuum Complete AE.

P.S. Watch out for the use of BCC Lights in the opening credits logo reveal!

BCC Rays Textured and BCC Sparks in Hard Charge Logo

BCC Rays Textured and BCC Sparks in Hard Charge Logo

Left: Original footage Right : Top - BCC Rays Textured and BCC Sparks; Bottom - BCC Rays Textured


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