WGBH Beats to the Pulse of BCC AVX

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Founded in 1969, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) has developed into a prestigious multi-award winning, multi-platform institution of American culture. Boston-based WGBH is its single largest producer of tv and web content.

Meet Paul Sanni, Creative Services for WGBH. Sanni, a longtime user of Boris FX products, edits and does sound design on short form broadcast pieces. His work includes series promos for Masterpiece, American Experience, and NOVA, broadcast IDs, fillers, and ever increasingly online videos such as "Behind the Scenes" footage.

"Spot work can be varied, which is why I like it," says Sanni. "When the pieces you work on are short, there's opportunity to try different things." Sanni relies on BCC 8 AVX in Avid Symphony to create new aesthetics and transform his spots.

"I use BCC Film Glow and BCC Lens Flare 3D a lot as transitions, as an overall treatment on a group of shots, or more subtly like adding a glint with the effects constrained by the internal Pixel Chooser to make a piece of the shot pop," states Sanni. "One of the best features of BCC is the Pixel Chooser."

In the video below, Sanni demonstrates his use of BCC Film Glow and BCC Lens Flare 3D in conjunction with BCC Beat Reactor — new to BCC 8 AVX — which allows editors to drive visual effects to the beat of an audio track.

With constant deadlines and turnarounds anywhere from same day to 2-3 weeks, Sanni again turns to BCC 8 AVX to help him manage his time most efficiently. "I love BCC. It's a comprehensive plug-ins package and the parameters are extremely flexible," emphasizes Sanni. "Having extensive control over effects inside the Avid Symphony (which is first and foremost an editorial tool) is very useful. Any time I can achieve an effect inside the NLE, over round-tripping to outside programs, it's going to streamline the workflow."

Want to test out BCC Beat Reactor? Download a free 14 day trial of BCC AVX.

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