Spot On Productions Tackles the 30-Second Spot

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Greg Walton, owner of Spot On Productions, believes in a lifelong evolution.

From a copywriter for the top theatrical ad agency in New York to Charter Media's head of Creative Services in Michigan to an independent producer/editor, Walton, who has also jumped from Avid to FCP to Adobe Premiere Pro, candidly offers up some advice, "Learn as much as you can about as many different aspects of the industry as possible. Never limit yourself to learning just one skill set."

Since founding Spot On Productions in 2010, Walton has become a one-man full service production company — writing, shooting, and editing spots. His clientele varies from the auto industry to healthcare to hospitality to small retail stores. "Turnaround is the key to success when it comes to 30-second spots at this level," emphasizes Walton. "Not just a quick turnaround, but delivering a product that beats each client's expectations."

To provide the highest level of quality to his clients (and to meet his 15-20 project deadlines per month), Walton uses Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) 8 AE and Boris RED. "I recommend Boris for two simple reasons," continues Walton. "It drastically expands your creative toolbox and yet actually saves you time. Two things that are usually mutually exclusive."

Walton almost always starts off his vfx process by browsing through the thousands of presets built into BCC to save himself valuable time and spark creative ideas.

In the Webinar Replay below "Enhance Raw Footage Fast," Walton shows you a finished 30-second restaurant spot, deconstructs it, then demonstrates just how quickly you can add BCC filters to almost every single shot.

Webinar Replay: Enhance Raw Footage Fast

"I love helping smaller clients who have no experience with TV advertising," concludes Walton. "Giving them a spot comparable to what they've seen from larger markets is the best part of my job."

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