Red57 for the Win

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If you’re on the one yard line with a few seconds left, you want RED57 on your side. The Burbank-based full service post-production facility works on FOX Sports shows including the FOX NFL Sunday pre-game show, FOX NFL Kickoff on FS1, NASCAR on FOX, and FOX Sports Live on FS1.

RED57’s quarterback is Mikey Carr, the founder/owner as well as Senior Post Pro. After working as an online editor on shows like The O.C ., Battlestar Galatica , and How I Met Your Mother , and as a creative editor for actor/director Tyler Perry, he launched RED57 in 2012 (a lifelong dream). “I’m pretty fluid in all areas of post-production, including editing, finishing, graphics, and even a little audio,” says Carr. “So I supervise post in a very hands on way, guiding our editors and audio mixers usually from behind an edit desk of my own.”

Carr and his team recently upgraded to Boris Continuum Complete (BCC) 9 to coincide with Adobe and FCP upgrades. “One of the things we pride ourselves on is the fact that we have an end-to-end complete post workflow all in-house,” notes Carr. “We can go from raw dailies to it hitting the air in under 24 hours. Having access to BCC on a daily basis is an absolute must for our creative work. We use it as the icing on the cake for what we’re doing.”

The quick turnarounds needed for RED57’s sports broadcast and promo work demand quick, easy, and fast visual effects. “BCC offers the most diverse effects available with the most practical presets I’ve ever seen. I love the included presets because they are awesome,” continues Carr. “Plus, so many of the effects are now real time. The time is so short on the ones that you do need to render that it gets your timeline playing back as soon as possible.”

Among Carr’s most valuable filters are BCC Damaged TV, BCC Vignette, BCC Fast Film Glow, and all the new transitions, which are now single-track transitions in Adobe Premiere. “I love the Damaged TV transition. I use that a lot,” adds Carr. “And I love the new Swish Pan capabilities. In my opinion, it’s the best swish pan out there. It’s just very organic and not cheeseball like some can be.”

The “FOX-Sean Miller” spot (above) is on RED57’s highlight reel with editing, BCC transitions and effects on the Johnny Carson footage to further age the footage, DaVinci Resolve color grading off RED Epic raw files, 3D motion tracking in Cinema 4D, and an all-star audio mix. “A project like this really shows off all of our capabilities, and shows off why I love running RED57 – never a dull moment,” ends Carr. “My clients do choose me, but I also choose them. You’re putting together a team and need to make sure the players are compatible. So I work with my friends and it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Red57’s other clients include Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta and Home Team Sports, one of the biggest sports ad agencies in the country.  Learn more about RED57 .

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