GoConvergence Transitions with BCC

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GoConvergence (GOCO) is a full service ad agency headquartered in Orlando, Florida. The talented team provides a one-stop shop experience for its clients by offering film and video production, special venue experiences, interactive development, and marketing and media strategy. In the past year, GOCO has created national spots for Atlantis Resorts and Nassau Paradise Island in the Bahamas as well as Rockwell Tools and Ninja Blender.

“When we switched over from Final Cut 7 to Adobe Premiere Pro, we really noticed the lack of stock effects and filters that Premiere had in comparison,” says Toby Dalsgaard, Director of Creative Services. “A lot of the work we do is destination beauty shots, which aren’t overly stylized. Therefore much of the creativity comes from getting from one shot to another.” Dalsgaard and his team of editors, animators, and designers turned to Boris Continuum Complete to fill the gap.  

“The transitions inside Continuum Complete have really picked up Premiere’s slack,” continues Dalsgaard. “Many of the transition presets are very useful and a good starting point. (Over 350 presets are included inside the BCC Transitions category.) After a few tweaks to what has been provided, we can typically get dialed into what we are looking for pretty quickly. If not, it’s great to have the flexibility to start with a blank canvas and build exactly what you envision.”

Another time-saving tool GOCO relies on for its many national spots is BCC Wire Remover. The team recently produced a spot which involved a large indoor shoot using a cable cam to safely capture the sweeping shots a drone usually provides. “The footage came back looking great, but many shots crossed the axis of our cable path and the cable had to be removed,” notes Dalsgaard. “Normally this would be a rotoscoping job that we’d have to send to our After Effects team, but with the ease of the wire removal filter, we were able to quickly remove the wire during our client edit session without having to wait on our graphics team – allowing them to focus on creating, not repairing.”

“A friend of mine recently called me asking how to combat Premiere’s lack of filters and effects,” ends Dalsgaard. “I recommended Continuum Complete because of all that comes with the suite. There is other software that specializes in a few things that are great, but Boris has everything, which can be better on the checkbook when you are on a budget.”


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