Title Studio: Image Processors

In the next few sections we will cover the various tabs and parameters that are available in Title Studio when Image Processors are applied to an object. IP Shaders, which are new to Continuum 2019, allow you to create complex, realistic effects in real time without leaving the Title Studio UI for another compositor.

Image Processors that come factory installed with Title Studio in Continuum 2019 are:

  • Blur: Blurs a scene, track or material to simulate an out of focus camera effect. Options include Directional, Prism, Radial and Spiral Blurs.
  • Glow Light: Generates a traditional film glow where the object(s) are subjected to a strong light causing the image to bloom. Additional compositing modes are available to provide highly detailed customization.
  • Gradient:Adds a user definable multi-color gradient across the entire texture.
  • Keying IP Shaders: Allows the user to define a color key to add transparency to the source for advanced compositing effects. Options include Chroma, Difference and Luma Keying.
  • Light Rays: Generates visible rays of volumetric light that allow the viewer to see beams of light shining through the environment, similar to light shining through a cathedral window. The generated light beams can take their color from the scene or from a user specified color or gradient.
  • Light Sweep: Creates a linear beam of light that sweeps across the image. Additional atmospheric customization can help create a noisy appearance. Best applied to Scene and Shape tracks.
  • Linear Ripple: Distorts objects with an auto-animating ripple effect to create rippling animations.
  • Scanlines: Simulates the look of CRT TV’s. Options include a screen shape with rounded corners, tinting, blend modes and auto-animating horizontal or vertical scanlines. Includes a tv noise option for added photorealism.
  • Spotlight: Adds a colored spotlight to the scene with blending modes and an optional alpha generator.
  • Wipe IP Shaders: Animatible wipe effect that simulates the look and style of burning film, curtains and erosion.




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