Title Studio Basics

Sample Tutorial Exercises

The following tutorials are designed to provide you with step-by-step instructions for creating various kinds of basic effects, while exploring many aspects of the Title Studio interface and functionality. These exercises are a good starting point to help familiarize new users with Title Studio, and each tutorial builds on many of the steps and techniques introduced.

It is recommended that new users should begin with the first tutorial and proceed from there. More advanced users who already have familiarity with Boris Red and Boris Blue, may wish to look over the tutorial topics and choose ones that are applicable to their skill level.


Getting Started:

To complete these tutorial exercises, you will need Title Studio installed on your computer. If you have not already installed Boris Continuum Complete or the Boris 3D Objects Units you may do so by double-clicking the installer icon and following the steps indicated.

Once installed, Title Studio can be launched either as a stand alone application, by double-clicking the Title Studio application, or by applying the Title Studio filter to a clip or solid in your host application. For more information on how to apply the Title Studio filter, please click here.


Exercise 1: Animating an Object Using Keyframes

In this tutorial you will use keyframes to animate a single track in 3D space. While this tutorial covers the animation of a flat text track, the steps here can be used to animate Extruded Text, Spline Objects, and Imported 3D Models. Here you will learn about keyframing, basic interpolation settings, and managing your project structure.

Exercise 2: Creating an Animated Lower Third

In this tutorial you will use keyframes to animate multiple tracks in 3D space to create a basic lower third that animates on and off. We will expand on basic interpolation settings, work with multiple views, and manipulate objects in 3D space to prevent overlap.


Exercise 3: Creating a Credit Roll

In this tutorial you will create and animate a basic credit roll. You will learn about Title Containers, Text Pages and importing text files to create longer text rolls.


Exercise 4: Creating a Type-on Effect with Title Containers

In this tutorial you will create a type-on title effect. Because type-on titles auto-animate, keyframes are not needed to create motion in the title.

Type On

Additional Tutorials

Once you have completed each exercise, you should have a better understanding of the basics of how to work with Title Studio. More advanced tutorials covering complex topics such as creating 3D logo animation, working with depth of field and other topics are available in the training section of the Boris FX website.



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