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Welcome to Continuum 11, the world’s most comprehensive visual effects plug-in collection. Continuum 11 includes over 200 plug-ins spanning seventeen visual effects categories and covering the full gamut of visual effect solutions. Continuum 11 adds 13 new plug-ins (8 effects and 5 transitions) plus support for integrated mocha planar mask tracking and a re-engineered PixelChooser.  For a complete summary of all the new and improved features in Continuum 11 please reference the BorisFX Release Notes.



This document provides a launching point for information on using Continuum (formerly known as BCC) plug-ins, including links to documentation for individual effects, descriptions of common elements that appear across the Continuum toolkit, host specific tips and tricks, and links to additional training resources.


Effect Lists

You can find a compete listing of all Continuum 11 effects organized both alphabetically and by category here:

Continuum Effect List


Common Controls

Continuum plug-ins offer a variety of common control groups for consistent access to shared features such as presets, preferences, host-specific workflow controls, and many others.  For more information about working with presets and other common controls, Click Here.


Host Application Tips

Additional guidance for working with Continuum in individual host applications:


Additional Help and Training Resources

Numerous resources are available for helping you get the most out of Continuum.

  • Help documents for individual Continuum effects are installed locally and accessible directly from the plug-in’s UI for instant offline browsing.  The Continuum help system is also universally available on the Boris FX website at www.borisfx.com/helpdocs.
  • The training links on www.borisfx.com offer additional learning materials including:
    • Continuum Fundamentals – An introductory training series to help you quickly and easily get up and running in Continuum .
    • Boris TV – The latest video tutorials on a huge range of Continuum effects.
    • Webinars Replays – Deep training by industry experts on a variety of techniques that leverage Continuum .
    • Forum Tips – Solutions to real world visual effects challenges posed by artists on industry forums.
  • The BorisFX Release Notes repository contains detailed information on changes in each revision, compatibility notes, and known issues.
  • Our Technical Support representatives can be contacted on the BorisFX Support Page





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