BCC Overview in Sony Vegas


This document provides additional guidance for working with BCC in Sony Vegas.


Using BCC Effects as “2 to 1 Transforms” (also known as “Custom Compositing Modes”):

In Vegas Pro for an effect to be able to access an alternate video layer (a layer other than the layer the effect is applied to) for processing it needs to be applied on a per track basis as a “2 to 1 Transform” or “Custom Compositing Mode”.  Some filters such as BCC Light Wrap are only available as 2 to 1 Transforms since they fundamentally rely on being able to access a second layer which in Vegas is only possible for 2 to 1 Transforms.  Other BCC filters such as Chroma Key Studio will be available as both normal effects and as 2 to 1 Transforms, although some features which require access to secondary layers will not be fully functional in the normal effect versions.  To apply a custom Composite Mode choose the Compositing Mode icon for the track and then select the Custom option which brings up a list of available 2 to 1 Transform filters (see the screenshot below).  Note that Compositing Mode choices in Sony Vegas are applied to the entire track.

Vegas Custom Composite

Using Vegas Custom Composite Mode

Boris Continuum for Sony Vegas Pro currently offers the following filters as 2 to 1 Transforms:

Advancing keying and specialized edge treatment for keying and alpha effects:

  • Chroma Key Studio
  • Light Wrap (also included as part of the Chroma Key Studio effect)

Composite effects (combine layers according to blend modes, allow for mixing multiple blend modes, using user defined regions and image based channels to define blend area etc.):

  • Boost Blend
  • Composite
  • RGB Blend

Displacement effects (can be used to access the layer below the filter layer as a displacement map):

  • Displacement Map
  • Polar Displacement
  • Vector Displacement

Two-Image effects (allows accessing the layer below as an alternate foreground/background layer when compositing or as an alternate particle face):

  • Corner Pin
  • Match Move
  • Wild Cards


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