BCC Motion Tracker

New in Continuum 2019

Continuum Mocha Motion Tracker Overview

New in Continuum 2019, the BCC Mocha Motion Tracker provides an enormous leap forward in the parameter tracking capabilities in Continuum.  You can now use the full power of Mocha’s planar tracking engine to drive geometric parameters such as light or emitter locations directly within the Continuum effect.  When launching Mocha through the Motion Tracker / Mocha button you will see a mocha workspace optimized specifically for parameter tracking.  It still uses the same Mocha planar tracking engine as the Mocha PixelChooser masking tool, but when applied back in the host the track data is converted into a set of geometric information designed to directly drive parameters values such as position pickers.


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Legacy BCC Motion Tracker Documentation (Continuum 11 or earlier)

As of Continuum 2019, the older Legacy BCC Motion Tracker as has been deprecated.  This section contains documentation for the legacy BCC Motion Tracker found in Continuum 11 and older.  For motion tracking in Continuum 2019 and beyond, please refer to the main BCC Mocha Motion Tracker documentation above.

Note in Continuum 2019 and beyond the Legacy Motion Tracker parameters are hidden to simplify the visual layout.  Projects created in older versions of Continuum (11 or earlier) will still render any legacy Motion Tracker settings when the Render Legacy Tracker option is enabled, but editing the individual legacy Motion Tracker settings or track information is no longer supported beyond turning them on/off as a whole.

The Legacy BCC Motion Tracker was integrated point tracking tool available directly inside many individual BCC effects.  It tracks the motion of an object in a clip, and this motion path can then be used to drive the animation of various effect properties without the need for manual keyframing.  The Legacy BCC Motion Tracker also permits importing data files from other tracking sources such as Mocha or previously saved BCC tracker runs.  The Legacy BCC Motion Tracker requires somewhat modified workflows depending on the particular host in which it is running and the documentation is therefore split into separate versions for each supported host:

Legacy BCC Motion Tracker – After Effects

Legacy BCC Motion Tracker – Avid

Legacy BCC Motion Tracker – FCP X

Legacy BCC Motion Tracker – Motion

Legacy BCC Motion Tracker – Premiere

Legacy BCC Motion Tracker – Resolve

Legacy BCC Motion Tracker – Vegas


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